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“Ghosted” Is a Horrible Addition To Both Action And Romance Genres

This week’s film of choice was Apple TV’s new action movie starring Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, Ghosted. The film follows Cole Turner (Evans) and his journey to find his mystery woman Sadie Rhodes (de Armas), after she ghosted him, only to discover that she is entirely different from what she said. The movie is directed by Dexter Fletcher, and along with its two stars, there are a lot of cameos from big names. This film is packed with people like Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, John Cho, and many others. But even the amazing cast could not save this film.

Starting off with some positives: the different locations in the film felt authentic. The film takes place in different locations across the world, from Washington, D.C., to Pakistan. However, the plot was very boring – it added nothing new to the action genre. The movie had the basic action movie formula of a hero and a villain out to destroy the world. The only new thing is a clueless man, but with a weird twist of stolen identity as well (you would have to watch the movie to understand that). I am loving this trend of movies not taking things seriously and just being pure entertainment. Unfortunately, this movie’s attempt at comedy is awful. The script is also very stale and boring, and so is the dialogue. The whole movie was very unoriginal; the only thing that saved it was the action sequences. But even then, there are better movies to watch if you just want action.

As I mentioned before, there are some great actors in this, but they are awkward. During the whole movie, I found myself questioning the acting. Maybe this once, we can blame the bad script, but who knows? Another thing that was awful was the behavior of the lead characters and their relationship. After Cole feels that he has been ghosted, his first idea is to track Sadie and follow her. Not only that,
Sadie lies about her entire life – because of her career, but still – plus her whole character is emotionally unavailable up until the end. Our two leads, who are supposed to be in love, quite honestly, are awful for each other. I’m not one to put emphasis on toxic relationships or behaviors from fictional characters, but this needs to be talked about. There is nothing wrong with having bad characters or flawed characters – those can be the best characters sometimes. But here you have two characters that bring out the worst in each other and fight the entire time. But they write it off as the trope of him learning to let go and her learning to relax and the whole opposites attract thing. I usually don’t care about things like this, but it was obvious that the two were bad for each other. Not every movie needs romance, and this is a great example of that because of these.
two would have been better off walking away from each other.

This movie has received generally negative reviews, and I can see why. I think that both the action and horror genres have done it all at this point, and it’s hard to add something new and never done before. People say all the time that nothing is original anymore, and it’s things like this that make me believe it.

All in all, if you want to watch a dumb movie for no reason, then this is it. But if you want a good movie, then I recommend you look for something else.

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