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Route 66 International Film Festival


Fall is in the air! As days get shorter and nights get colder, movies and popcorn become the typical pastime. The Route 66 International Film Festival, held on Saturday, Sept. 23, seemed like a fitting way to bid adieu to summer and welcome to the autumn equinox. From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., community members […]

The UIS Performance Arts Center is again hosting a “Date Night” event series to feature different acts and activities for the affordable price of $15 per person. Past events included things such as an acoustic guitar performance, while another featured music played by a free jazz band. An acoustic guitar performance offers almost no opportunity […]

An online writing workshop was held by the UIS Learning Hub on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Students were able to access the meeting through a Zoom link offered online through UIS Connection. This was one in a series of Learning Hub of workshops scheduled throughout the fall 2023 semester to help students become better writers. Dates […]

Do you ever take a second to watch an insane bidding war on eBay? The numbers rising and rising on items that you might find decrepit and useless. Well, not to them. There are three camps that float between those numbers: those who seek monetary gain, those looking to complete a collection, and those who […]

On Tuesday Sept. 19, UIS saw its first round of a Loteria night! Hosted by the student organization Women of Distinction, the event was a fun way to celebrate Hispanic/Latin American History Month. But you may be asking yourself, what is Loteria? Well, it’s quite simple: Loteria is kind of a Mexican version of Bingo. […]

“Post-truth” means people believe that appealing to emotions and personal ideas may be more important than objective facts. The first five chapters of Lee McIntyre’s [1] Post-Truth dived into different forms in which post-truth has evolved and still exists in today’s society. From 1) the definition of post-truth; to 2) the explanation of science denial as the […]

The Studio Theatre in the UIS Performing Arts Center will be hosting a production of The Niceties, by Eleanor Burgess. The show premiers Wednesday, Sept. 27 and will run through Saturday, Sept. 30. This event is sponsored by the UIS Diversity Center.  The Niceties was called “a barnburner of a play” by the Washington Post […]

It’s a part of the American Dream to pluck someone from obscurity and grant them the chance to win big. It does not discriminate on the basis of color, background, or gender – only luck. Where did you need to be to collect a ticket? What number needed to be imprinted on the ticket, its […]

On September 15th not only does the world celebrate the beginning of Hispanic/Latin American History Month but so does UIS, doing so with their traditional Flag Raising Ceremony event which is a yearly tradition that has been occurring for quite a while now at UIS hosted by the Diversity Center as well as La Familia, […]

The Wild Rose Third Annual Hispanic Heritage Celebration was held Saturday, Sept. 16,  from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and was certainly a day to remember. Wild Rose Artisans Boutique, owned by Monica Zanetti, is a shop located at 115 N. Sixth Street in downtown Springfield. When asked what the celebration is about, Zanetti said, […]

On Aug. 31, Taylor Swift announced that she would be releasing a film showcasing The Eras Tour. It will premiere on Friday Oct. 13 at AMC, Regal Cinemas and Cinemark theaters. This is incredible news for fans that want to relive their experiences from The Eras Tour or for fans whp may not have had […]