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The Questions That Matter: Bobbi Uhl

I thought it would be fitting to do two best friends back-to-back weeks. Bobbi Uhl is a golfer on the UIS women’s golf team. Bobbi and my athlete from last week, Heather, are both from Canada and grew up playing against each other in youth tournaments. Due to their immense skill, they played with each other a lot and ended up forming a friendship through their competition. They both ended up at UIS after transferring from their last schools and have enjoyed their time together playing on the same squad. This interview is different from most because I was fortunate enough to meet both Heather and Bobbi on the links. The format of this interview was one question per hole, so before we tee’d off every hole, I asked one question with no redeeming qualities besides entertainment. It was a pleasure to see these ladies play and learn a thing or two so that my swing might one day be as pure as theirs. Surprisingly, with a little help and rigging the rules in my favor, my team and I ended up in a tie against these two fine golfers. We played the best ball for my team and the worst ball for Bobbi and Heather, but we still tied.  As the ladies finish up the spring season, they look towards the postseason, where they can earn their spot on the regional and, hopefully, national level. Bobbi holds the title for the most fun interview I have ever conducted and is a joy to be around. Hopefully, Bobbi’s personality shines through in this article and again highlights the human side of our amazing athletes outside of athletics here at UIS.

The Observer: What got you into golf? When did you know you wanted to play in college?

Bobbi: I was, like, six, and I knew I wanted to play in college at, like, I don’t know, 15. Everyone in my family played golf, so I followed what they did.

The Observer: What historical figure do you think would be good at golf and why?

Bobbi: Helen Keller – if she can fly a plane, she can do anything.

The Observer: All-time favorite: TikTok or Vine?

Bobbi: “You’re not my dad, you ain’t even do something, ugly ass f***ing noodlehead.”

The Observer: A golf ick or pet peeve?

Bobbi: People who take five minutes to hit the ball – slow play is an ick.

The Observer: Death row meal?

Bobbi: Margaret McLean’s meatballs, perogies, and a jumbo margarita.

The Observer: If you could be on one reality tv show, what would it be and why?

Bobbi: Love Island, probably, because of their accents.

The Observer: One brand to wear the rest of your life?

Bobbi: Lulu, no questions asked. Casual and dressy clothes that are so comfortable.

The Observer: What song gets you on the dance floor every time?

Bobbi: “No Hands” by Waka Flocka. It’s all-time dance floor song

The Observer: You have a month to break a world record, what record are you going for?

Bobbi: Sleeping the longest because I’m great at that.

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