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Award-winning, student-run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield

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The Zambian Prince of Golf: Aryaman Mohan

Photo credit: Clayton Stalter

Aryaman Mohan, AKA the Zambian prince (or just Ary), is a golfer at UIS and has been here for the past three years. Everyone who meets Ary knows that his bubbly personality and life experience have truly made him the most interesting man alive, putting the Dos Equis spokesman to shame. Besides having a swing pure enough to pass a drug test, he values quality time with his friends and family off the course. I met Ary during my sophomore year in the dorms as he went door-to-door, offering shots to his neighbors to make more friends. Ever since that day, Ary has been at almost all of my family holidays when he’s unable to make it home. Ary’s life experience is one of the most interesting I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

As a young boy, he grew up in Zambia, an African country in south Central Africa. He has always been a baller on the golf pitch, even at a young age, and when he got to high school, he took his talents to a boarding school in Florida, where he lived and played until coming to UIS. Ary and the golf team are in their spring season currently (despite the wet and cold conditions we see here in Illinois). Ary plans on continuing his time here at UIS into next year, still representing UIS positively while highlighting the incredible diversity we hold among our athletes across campus.

This cheetah-loving party animal is the source of laughs and good times for many people across campus and me. I enjoyed highlighting one of my best friends on campus with these obscure questions with no redeeming qualities besides entertainment.

The Observer: Nicknames?

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Ary: Ferrary, Mo Money Mo Problems, Ary, Mr. Worldwide.

The Observer: Favorite Zambian tune?

Ary: “Aweah” by Yo Maps.

The Observer: How would you shoot with clubs from the 1980s?

Ary: 90. Have you ever tried swinging a wooden club?

The Observer: Go-to dance move?

Ary: *Points finger in the air and moves it in a circle* “round em up.”

The Observer: Finish the sentence: “ I like my Fanta with….”

Ary: “No ice, yessirrrrrr.”

The Observer: What’s the weirdest item you keep by your bed?

Ary: “A bottle of Captain.”

The Observer: What Disney princess would you wife and why?

Ary: “Cinderella, she’s a classy gyal.”

The Observer: What is on your ultimate sandy?

Ary: “Bacon… that’s the sandwich.”

The Observer: Famous person you would want to party with?

Ary: “Snoop Doggy Dogg, I would partake if it was him.”

The Observer: The strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Ary: “Crocodile meat is my favorite meat, for sure. Grasshopper is gas as well.”

The Observer: You and your golf team go on Man Vs. Wild: Who would get you all out, and who wouldn’t make it?

Ary: “The Bold Brady Willson would get us out, JJ would dance with the animals, and they would eat him.”

The Observer: What would your friends say you got arrested for if you went to jail?

Ary: “Public intoxication.”

The Observer: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Ary: “No, it is its own thing. That’s why they say hotdogs and sandwiches.”

The Observer: Golf drip?

Ary: “Jordan 1’s, black athletic joggers, and a white polo.”

The Observer: Favorite animal from back home?

Ary: “Cheetah, they are just so chill. They are the fastest animal but so lazy, kinda like me.”

The Observer: Who is your celeb look alike?

Ary: “Nav, I’m just a brown boy with a bag.”

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