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The Questions That Matter: Heather “HDawg” McLean

The Canadian Sniper, HDawg (or just “Heather Mclean”), is on the UIS women’s golf team and plays the number one position. HDawg is from Canada, and it’s true what they say: Canadians are way too nice. One might say the nicest thing about her besides her personality is her golf swing. Heather is constantly battling for top spots in tournaments for the Lady Stars. Heather is a graduate student studying environmental science after transferring from Wegner University. The team is currently deep in its spring season, with Heather already having qualified for the postseason, where she will compete in the regional tournament. Apart from being a stellar athlete, she has proven herself to be just as great in the classroom throughout her college career. It was great talking to Hdawg, as I was lucky enough once again to highlight our UIS athletes and their interesting personalities.

The Observer: When did you start playing golf, and what is your favorite club in the bag?

Heather: I started playing golf at 8 years old. My favorite club in my bag is anything but my putter (but especially my driver).

The Observer: If all animals could speak to you, which would be the nicest and which would be the meanest?

Heather: The nicest would be a beaver (because I’m Canadian, duh), and the meanest would be a deer on the UIS campus.

The Observer: You must give up either brushing your teeth or wiping after using the bathroom. Which do you choose?

Heather: Brushing your teeth?

The Observer: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories? If so, you have to explain it in only one sentence.

Heather: Yes, because I cannot understand how Helen Keller exists.

The Observer: A huge red flag before getting in a relationship?

Heather: They think Dunkin Donuts is better than Tim Hortons.

The Observer: Do you have any pre-round rituals?

Heather: I hug all my teammates and hope for the best.

The Observer: You and a partner have to shoot under 75 in a scramble, but you have to finish one case each of ciders. Who is your partner?

Heather: Bobbi Uhl

The Observer: What is something you would like it to rain instead of water?

Heather: Cider 🙂

The Observer: What would it be if you could play any golf course in the world?

Heather: Augusta National

The Observer: Who is your celebrity dream trio with whom you want to play golf?

Heather: Taylor Swift, Tiger Woods, and Timothée Chalamet.

The Observer: One city that you can never leave for the rest of your life. What city?

Heather: New York City

The Observer: Quote to live by?

Heather: Do it for the plot.

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