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The Beauty of Turin, Italy: My Connection to a City That’s Been Dubbed the “Paris of Italy”

My great-grandmother, Catherine Gregory-Pritchett, was born on August 14, 1921, in a city by the name of Turin, Italy. She would go on to pass away on May 22, 2014, in Virden, Illinois. Since her passing, and ever since I was a pallbearer at her funeral, I have felt this connection to the city she was born in.

In October 2022, Vogue Magazine’s website even dubbed Turin Italy’s most elegant city. The city is the capital of Piedmontese. It is known for its historic museums, Vienna-like architecture, cafes and restaurants that serve some of the most traditional cuisine, and its luxurious hotels, such as the Grand Palace.

When I first came across pictures of the city, I was immediately drawn in by something at the heart of this beloved metropolis – The Mole Antonelliana. The building was named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli. According to museocinema, The Mole Antonelliana “…was initially conceived as a synagogue, before being bought by the municipality of Turn and made into a monument of national unity.” Additionally, it has “…a height of 167.5 meters, it was the tallest brick building in Europe at the time.”

In addition to the Mole Antonelliana, there is much to love about Turin, and I always wished that I could’ve spoken with my great-grandmother more about it. However, she always brought me much joy. And every time I type “Turin, Italy” into a search bar, I can somehow feel her presence. I think the most important thing about exploring this city for me is that I think we should all realize that it’s never too late to explore where our ancestors came from.

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