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Defense as the Best Offense

Established through a partnership between the UIS Women’s Center, UIS Campus Police, and R.A.D. systems, the UIS Women’s self-defense class began on Feb. 7. R.A.D. stands for ‘Rape Aggression Defense,’ and the comprehensive course progresses into hands-on defense training though it is not a martial arts program. The class is taught by certified R.A.D. instructors, which provide participants with a reference manual that outlines the program.

The R.A.D. course is designed to teach women defensive concepts alongside methods to be aware of their surroundings, reduce or avoid risks, and address “fight or flight” syndrome. The program mixes different learning techniques to engage students, such as discussion, lecture, and physical strategies. The basic goal of the course is for participants to learn how to address their personal fight or flight response and act appropriately to a threat without risking themselves coming to great physical harm. The program is intended so the average person with no previous background in physical defense training can learn defensive techniques.

R.A.D. offers other self-defense programs for children, senior learners, and men. R.A.D. additionally has a trademark Lifetime Return and Practice Policy, which allows students to practice free for a lifetime upon course completion. This means that participants can take advanced self-defense coursework offered by R.A.D. as well as some specialty courses such as Aerosol Defense Options, which focuses on how to use pepper spray effectively, or the Extreme Applications of Lethal Force, which combines strategy and personal defense techniques with experience and innovations. R.A.D. E.A. focuses on making use of defensive measures against extreme types of aggression.

The Women’s Center focuses on improving women’s lives through programming and supporting programs that may relate to empowering women, women’s health, and violence against women. Other programs or support offerings cover various other relevant issues affecting women, such as gender equality. Through the partnership with R.A.D. systems and the UIS Campus Police Department, the UIS Women’s Center is proud to offer the UIS Women’s Self-Defense Class free to participants. Though registration for the Spring semester has ended, another course offering will be available in Fall 23’. This class typically will be held over a month, with four class dates which last an average of three hours. Contact the UIS Women’s Center for more information regarding the next R.A.D. system course offering.

Women’s Center | University of Illinois Springfield

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) | University of Illinois Springfield

RAD Women’s Self Defense Training | University of Illinois Springfield

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