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George Santos Resigns from House Committees, Faces Backlash

George Santos has temporarily resigned from his committee positions in the House of Representatives amid backlash and calls to resign. Santos is currently under multiple investigations and has admitted to faking his résumé.

Some people have called Santos’ decision to step back from his duties an admission of guilt and raised questions about his ability to lead and properly represent his constituency while facing these investigations and a lack of trust from his party (the Republican party).

Santos has also been the subject of allegations that he stole thousands of dollars from a GoFundMe that was supposed to pay for a lifesaving surgery for a disabled veteran’s service dog, which ultimately died after not receiving the surgery.

Santos has also recently been in the news after an image was posted of him and a Brazilian drag queen, where both he and the other person were dressed in drag. Santos says the claims that he performed as a drag queen are false.

And finally, Santos has also graced recent news headlines for being accused of ethics violations and sexual harassment by a prospective congressional aide. We are all waiting to see the next scandal Santos will be involved in.

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