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    A Sit Down with UIS Chancellor Janet Gooch

    UIS Observer staff contributor Brooks Crawford sat with new UIS Chancellor Janet Gooch. Chancellor Gooch discusses her journey to UIS, enrollment, downtown expansion, and an update on the construction of the UIS Library Commons.

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    In 1973, the State Senator from Chicago, Harold Washington, sponsored a bill to recognize Martin Luther King’s birthday as a paid state holiday.
    #HaroldWashington #MartinLutherKingJr #mlk #MLKDay #MLKDay2023 #Springfield #theuisobserver

    Read more➡️https://uisobserver.com/news/2023/01/29/springfield-first-to-pass-bill-to-make-kings-birthday-a-holiday/

    Chicago-based artist Frances Lee believes that her work has a haunting feel. This haunting feeling mirrors the images of urban industrialization.
    #FrancesLee #visualarts #gallery #uisvisualartsgallery #uis #uisedu #theuisobserver

    Read more➡️https://uisobserver.com/news/campus-news/2023/01/28/artist-raises-societal-questions-through-her-exhibit-at-uis/

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