New Foam Mattresses for Founders and Lincoln Residence Halls


Photograph courtesy of Megan Swett

Leftover memory foam mattresses stored in Trillium court

In the summer of 2016, Founders Residence Hall (FRH) had thier mattresses replaced. They went from using standard twin XL mattresses to twin XL memory foam mattresses. A year later, Lincoln Residence Hall (LRH) replaced their mattresses for this upcoming semester. 

The change was prompted by the Department of Housing, who believed that by having more comfortable mattresses, incoming freshman could not only be more comfortable while going to sleep, but also they could find more of a sense comfort within their new environment. 

For two years the Department of Housing has set out a fairly affordable budget. As the budget and funding increases, mattresses for all housing areas will be accommodated. 

Assistant Director of Residence Life – Facilities and Operations: Ryan Hofman, stated that, “We discussed the change about six to eight months before moving them into FRH. We wanted to create a more comfortable environment and continue to improve the facilities.” 

A resident of FRH, Kennedy Green, freshman and Pre-Nursing major, believes that the beds aren’t the best option for her. “They are too soft. I like hard beds,” she stated. Yet another resident of FRH, Arianna Boyd, freshman, and Biology major said, “My mattress is very comfortable! I love it.” 

In LRH, Shelby Green, Senior and Environmental Studies major, who has had experience with the older mattresses, is quite fond of the newer mattresses, and believe that they save students money.

She stated, “They are very nice. The older ones would cost students more money. For the other mattresses students would have to buy memory foam pads to get comfortable”. 

On the West Side of campus, Donal Larrieu, Senior and Communication major, believes the new change was unfortunate for him but reasonable for the underclassmen. Larrieu said, “I wish the townhouses could have got them too, but I see why they started with the dorms.” 

However, Nate Daniels, Stars Lounge’s Manager, Legal Studies major, and Senior expressed his concern for the treatment of the upper classmen.

“That’s crazy!” Daniels stated. “I understand that you’re trying to appeal the incoming freshman, and returning sophomore students, and give a good show to people coming to campus. But you can’t forget the students that have been here for three to five years that have been waiting for things to change. It would be good to know that they are also thinking about us as well. Why do we consistently have to wait?” 

There are various student opinions across campus pertaining to the new memory foam mattress change. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion about housing, you can contact the Housing Director, John Ringle, or Assistant Director of Residence Life, Ryan Hofman, at 217-206-6190.  The central office can also be reached at 217-206-8050.