Review: Love, Death and Robots

Review: Love, Death and Robots

Released back in March, I initially glossed over the Netflix anthology Love, Death and Robots. This is mostly due to the lukewarm shows the service has been releasing (spare yourself, don’t watch The Order ). Having now binged all of the series vignettes, I can now say that I regret not watching it sooner.

Billed as a reimagining of the 1981 movie Heavy Metal, this anthology features 18 animated short films that focus on telling speculative sci-fi/horror stories.

The unique selling point of these shorts is that each one features a different animation studio and style.

From photo-real CG in “Sonnie’s Edge” to traditional 2D animation, this series is a buffet of art that gives it a lot of strength. Tonally, these shorts vary widely. Viewers can expect some charming goofy content with shorts like “Alternate Histories” and some intense, gory action with “Sucker of Souls.”

Some of these shorts, particularly “Fish Night,” left me contemplating my place in the grand scheme of things. This veering between the profound, frightening and spaces in between allows this series to offer something to everyone.

If you enter into this series expecting thematic cohesion, you are in the wrong place. While all of the shorts deal with one or more of the titular themes, they vary in terms of story depth. What I am trying to say is that this series is not Black Mirror. These stories are not hour-long philosophical episodes of horrifying tech… these are six to twenty-minute episodes that do whatever they want.

Even though the short “Suits” focuses on being a pulse-pounding action run, it is still a fantastically produced story that evokes a sci-fi classic. Your mileage may vary, but Love, Death, and Robots is worth checking out.