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Chancellor Gooch Anticipates Continued Enrollment Increase This Fall

University of Illinois Springfield Chancellor Janet Gooch, beginning her second year as UIS’ leader, anticipates the campus’ enrollment increase seen last fall will continue this year.

UIS’ enrollment increased 6.4% last year, the first increase since 2016.

“For this fall, we anticipate an even larger increase,” said Gooch.

Student enrollment and retention is overseen by Vice Chancellor Vickie Cook, who manages a recruitment plan that led to the enrollment boost, which includes an increase in international students, who made up 15.4 percent of UIS’ student population last fall, compared to 6.9 percent in fall 2021, enrollment statistics show.

Gooch believes students should choose UIS because of the vast array of majors offered. Because of smaller class sizes, “faculty really get to know their students and make sure students are successful to graduate with the degree they want,” said the chancellor.

While boosting enrollment is a vital part of her job, Gooch also has spent the last year establishing connections with business and government populations throughout the Springfield area, as well as connections within the campus community.

She said one of her most proud accomplishments in the last year has been building her leadership team. When Gooch arrived, several positions on the chancellor’s cabinet were vacant. One important hire, new provost Brandon Schwab, started work this week.

“Now we have all our positions filled, and it feels like a really good team,” said Gooch.

As Gooch begins her second year, she’s looking forward to developing new initiatives. UIS has a new College of Health, Science and Technology, where new programs are being developed in the health arena. Gooch wants to be able to offer programs that are relevant to students.

“UIS has so many opportunities for students to get engaged,” she said. “Because of the smaller size of the university, you don’t have to be the best at what you do to excel. Student-athletes always have an opportunity to perform, and music and art-goers always have a resource at UIS.”

Gooch came to UIS last year after 28 years in higher education, with her first job at Cleveland State University and most recently serving as a provost for Truman State University. Gooch is also an avid runner, has participated in over 20 marathons, and continues this hobby as she works at UIS.

Tarkan Barutçu, a soon-to-be sophomore at Rochester High School, wrote this article as part of the UIS Summer Journalism Camp for high school students being held July 17-21.

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