Introducing The UIS Observer: We Need Your Help!

Over the course of the Fall 2021 semester, the editorial team has been working diligently towards a rebranding of our publication. For many years, we have been known as The Journal, a steadfast student-run and student-edited publication here on the UIS campus. As times have changed, news media has moved further toward the digital space, but we did not. For better or for worse, the pandemic changed that all for us.

Some say that constraints drive innovation, and we can say that is true in our experience through the pandemic. And like every metamorphosis, we are no longer what we once were, but instead something new, something fresh, something different. Like every great evolution, we need to give a new moniker to our discovery. And what we have discovered is that we are far more than a print publication, but instead a new digital media hub, centered around campus life.

We will now be a destination for multiple digital media content sources. We will continue to bring our award-winning journalism, but with something new, something special, and something that has never been done before here at UIS. We also look to host realms of new content, including podcasts, audio summaries of articles, video content, popular new artwork, and, hopefully, your contributions as well. We are looking to make this a place where all students are welcome and all ideas are worthy, a place where you can look to your stars to find your own constellation through a reliable lens.

The initial name contest, the jumpstart of our reinvention, played a significant role in the overall feel of our rebrand. Imaginative and creative ideas from the likes of the everyday viewers of our platform continuously inspired us and welcomed high hopes. As the first bisection of the contest ended, we were astounded by the overwhelming consensus that signaled our official transition as The Observatory. Despite the excitement surrounding such a name and transition, we were confronted with an apparent conflict of interest — there is an entity on campus of the same name, precisely the literal UIS Observatory. With such news and, consequently, imminent problem-solving, we found it fair to stay true to the resounding input of our viewers with a slight twist.

Introducing The Observer, our new award-winning digital media hub here at UIS.

In order for our new brand to truly be complete, we need your help, we need your ideas, and we need your input. Which is why we are opening a contest to allow you, the University community, to have a say in what our new logo will be. We will be running this contest through the first six weeks of the Spring semester, ending on Friday, April 15th, 2022.

In order to take part in the contest, the following rules apply:

1. Must use the school colors (Hex color: #0C2950)

2. Must submit three (3) versions in high quality (banner, standard logo, and a logo monogram)

3. Submissions must contain a .zip file with all source files and .PNG exports (We suggest you host this on something like Google Drive or Box and send us a link. Make sure privacy is set to public)

4. Extra points will be given for incorporating UIS themes and imagery (EX. Orion Mark)

All submissions can be made to the following link: