How to Adult: Finding a Job


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With graduation looming, many seniors are worried about the decisions that they will now need to make sooner rather than later. If graduate school is not in their immediate future, these seniors will need to decide how they want to start their careers. While this is a daunting task for anyone officially entering the workforce with their bachelor’s degree, there are a few helpful tips that will help smoothen the path forward.

To start, graduates should take a hard look at their resumes. If they have not done so already, any information from high school should be taken off. University activities and jobs are the life-shaping events employers are looking for. If a high school item seems like it may help with getting the job, use it as an anecdote in a cover letter or during the interview itself.

Another helpful tip is rejuvenating the descriptions of the jobs on the resume. The website O*Net OnLine is extremely helpful in making even basic jobs sound extremely advantageous. For example, the skills that come up for “Fast Food and Counter Workers” include active listening, service orientation, speaking and social perceptiveness. All of these skills are important for a multitude of entry-level jobs and can make what was originally a basic resume shine above the rest of the competition.

Graduates should also consider making a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an online platform similar to an interactive resume. Users can add their current and past job experience, education, volunteering, accomplishments and much more. This platform will allow the user to go above and beyond what can be fit onto a resume and employers can easily locate this information.

Finally, start applying for jobs! There are job websites such as Indeed where employers post their open job positions, while other companies prefer to post the openings only on their specific websites. Either way, graduates should keep looking for and applying to jobs they will be passionate about. With some persistence and optimism, graduates should be able to successfully enter the workforce. Good luck, and happy job hunting!