Experience the Hidden: Fun-Day Sites

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

3454 Liberty Dr, Springfield, IL 62704 / Hours: Varied, Closed Mondays

The Sky Zone Trampoline Park has been operating on the west side of Springfield since 2016, and with it follows an extensive list of activities for kids and adults alike. Sky Zone offers activities such as sky climbing, freestyle jumping, coordination challenges, tug of war, dodgeball, foam pits, basketball, glow-in-the-dark jumping and even jousting. With all of these activities and an indoor concession stand, a day at Sky Zone with some friends is bound to be a fun time. To gain admission to the park during the current pandemic, fill out a waiver and purchase tickets online. There is also a rule of only being able to wear Sky Zone non-slip socks, so if a pair is not owned, it will need to be provided during admission. A simple free jump admission will last 60 minutes within the park. Pro-tip: Dress in athletic clothing.

Image of Sky Zone (Photographs courtesy of Skyzone.com)

Skateland South Roller Rink

1500 Recreation Dr, Springfield, IL 62711 / Hours: Varied, Closed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

The Skateland South Roller Rink is a family-owned business that has been operating within Springfield since 1972. The rink offers several different types of skating for the public throughout the week, with varied themes, proficiency levels and times of day or night. The rink has an in-house restaurant (for anyone who wants to dine and skate) alongside an arcade offering games such as Skee-Ball along with various prizes to be won. Skateland also offers beginners and advanced skaters the opportunity to learn new skating methods through their in-house courses, with the option to book private parties in the rink. Skaters will either have to rent skates from the rink or bring their own pair. Pro tip: Make sure to wear long pants or even knee pads as knee protection!

Image of Skateland South (Photographs courtesy of Facebook.com)

Knight’s Action Park

1700 Knights, Recreation Dr, Springfield, IL 62711 / Hours: 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Knight’s Action Park has been a staple of the Springfield community since its development in 1930. The park began as a golf driving range created by George Knight, a local golfing pro. The park has since stayed a family business within the Knight family and has grown to include a miniature golf course, drive-in movie theater, go-karts, amusement park rides and, most notably, a waterpark. The waterpark includes attractions such as a wave pool, kiddie pool, lazy river, toilet bowl slide several water slides, paddle boating and their iconic Devil’s Ray slide. The park also has several onsite concession stands stocked to keep attendees well-equipped for a full day under the sun. So, if the family wants to hit the golf range or get their tan on in the lazy river, Knight’s Action Park has everything they need to have a great time this summer! Pro-tip: Have fun!

Image of Knight’s Action Park (Photographs courtesy of Pinterest.com)