SGA Responds to Student-Led Petition for Pass/Fail Classes


Photograph courtesy of UIS SGA

As a result of being told to move off-campus and start online classes, UIS students have taken the initiative to start a petition asking the university to allow students to have a pass/fail class option for this semester. In other words, the petition is asking the university to grant students the option of not counting their classes towards their GPA this semester.

Although the university has taken measures to help students be successful within online learning, students still felt that they needed a pass/fail option. After the petition continued to gain more and more signatures, the UIS Student Government Association (SGA) responded.

On Friday, March 20, 2020, SGA posted on their Facebook page, UIS SGA, the following:

“In regards to the petition about Pass/Fail grades: We have reached out to the Provost’s office about the possibility of Pass/Fail grades. 

While UIS does not offer pass/fail grades as an option, there may be an option for students to request credit/no credit grading or a letter grade for their classes. The Provost’s office is currently working on this issue.”

The reasoning behind the petition is to allow students the chance to deal with moving off campus, adjusting to a new learning environment, taking on new household responsibilities,etc. Students want to take this time to deal with their personal lives and not have the stress of school added on top of it. Another reason is some students have never taken an online class before and some might not have access to the Internet.


As of March 26, 2020, over 1200 students have signed this petition.

As of March 27, this option has been granted to students who would like to take advantage of the opportunity. An email should have been received on March 27 from the UIS Office of theRegistrar regarding the option to select credit/no credit grading for classes. It outlines how this change would hypothetically affect GPA, financial aid, and other intertwined factors. The deadline to withdraw or change one’s grading options is Friday, April 24. Be sure to check UIS SGA Facebook page for more updates and direct questions to the Office of Records and Registration by email ([email protected]) or by phone at (217)-206-6174.