The Mythical World of DIWHY


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The Internet offers an endless expanse of information from which people can pluck, everything from tutorial videos to mind-numbing entertainment and shopping. However, there are few areas of the digital world that seem out of place from the typical norm, to the point where people wonder what their purpose serves. In this case, we are not talking about the deep web, but rather something that feels much more sinister and repulsive to us: DiWHY. 

DIWHY is typical do-it-yourself creations, from chairs to hot-fixing items to make them better, creative or just a cure for boredom. What adds the WHY at the end of Di is how terrible these creations are, making us question humanity’s intellect. Sticking stumps of wood onto a light and calling it a new ceiling lamp, grinding down the back of your iPhone to make a mirror or just painting realistic ants onto plates are just some of the (tamer) creations that one would find DiWHY. Others can be even worse, including putting beans inside of a lava lamp. Why? Because why not. What makes this subreddit so enticing to people who dare to go on there and look at these horrible pictures is the unknown. What horrible thing will grace our eyes today? For other people, it might be a power trip to see how much smarter they are, or enjoying the realization that common sense is not so common. For others, it’s just nightmare-fuel to show our friends these terrible creations and share in the horror. 

Yet, DIWHY also fulfills the need to understand if something can or cannot be done without having to actually it ourselves. Some of us must have some desire to see if something works or not, even if it’s just whether or not we can… put beans in a lava lamp. For what reason do we need to know if we can attach wine bottles to a chandelier for our lights? Morbid curiosity or maybe we wanted to do it and stopped ourselves because we knew better. DiWHY allows us to mock those stupid enough to dare make these terrible creations while still allowing us to maintain our own sanity and keep these wretched items from entering our own household. 

If you have ever wanted to create your own horrible DIY, look no further than DiWHY and bask in the shame emitting from those posts. Perhaps you will find the poor creation you wanted to make, or perhaps you have stories that you can post yourself onto the forum. DiWHY definitely has become more popular since the stay-at-home order, in which we are stuck alone with our rampant minds and, even worse, creative thoughts. If you decide to join in on the mayhem, prepare to be judged, but know that it is understandable if you choose to submit to your innermost, terrible desires to create monsters. 

Visit at your own risk. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.