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You Still Have to Return Your Textbooks to the Bookstore During a Pandemic

I know the end of the world seems to be at our doorstep – it’s been over a month and the pandemic still seems to be in full swing. But what if I told you that your textbooks still need to be returned to the UIS bookstore (or Amazon and Chegg) this coming May? The first step in dealing with this sticky situation is corralling all of your rented textbooks and taking inventory on what you need to return. If you rented books from multiple sources, having print or email receipts may be helpful in determining where and when these textbooks need to be returned. Students who rented textbooks from the UIS bookstore will not be allowed to return them in-person this spring semester, as the on-campus store has been closed until further notice. 

You may begin the return process by heading to the bookstore’s website at www.shopuis.com. When you reach the webpage, you will need to log onto the account you initially rented the textbook with (most likely linked to your school email). Once you have logged in, you will need to go to “My Account” in the top-right hand corner and click “Rentals” from the dropdown interface. When you see your active rentals displayed, you may then click “Return By Mail,” choose the books you wish to return, enter your return address, then click “Get Label.” This document is a printable label which any working printer can print. Once the label is printed, tape it to any package that will fit your textbook(s). It is also important to note that it would be helpful if you washed your hands before handling the textbooks. 

And there you have it: you are ready to send that overpriced block of paper back to the bookstore so another student can be freshly ripped off next semester. This service is free of charge and has been extended by two weeks to the end of May. 

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