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Being Nice Isn’t Liberal

I have heard that the idea of raising your child to be a decent human being is a liberal idea. To help others and go out of your way is a liberal idea. Why is it that being nice is considered being liberal? It creates the connotation that we are not inherently nice, but rather, are taught to be nice because it is “new” and “liberal.” Therefore, we should do it in order to go along with the politics we believe in. It is rather absurd!

Being nice is not liberal, nor is it political at all. Humans depend on one another, whether it be family or even a stranger on the street. The idea of tough love is rather new and does not exist in many cultures. In fact, the idea of leaving one’s family is rather atypical in most cultures and is mostly prevalent in Western society. We are naturally empathetic creatures that want to help other people. This idea that we must be alone in the world and be able to sustain ourselves and only ourselves is unnatural for us humans. The world is not going to turn in on itself if we decide to raise our children to be nice. Should we grow up being abused by the system or other people, it would be our number one goal to teach our children to be kind to one another.

I have heard arguments that people take advantage of another’s kindness which is a true and harsh reality. Shame on them. They are the types of people that think it is the world against them and that everyone is a stepping stone to get to their goal. It is these people that have no compassion and never learned to help another. These are the people who give to another in order to be given praise for helping, when helping other people should be something we should all do no matter what.

It is neither political nor religious when I tell people to help one another. As a decent human that these things should be a given. The very fact that being nice or teaching another to be nice are thought to be a political scam means that we have lost sight of what kindness is.

We shouldn’t try to be nice but think of our kindness as second nature. We should not expect praise to be given. The very fact that we have helped another is praise in itself. Additionally, we should not be afraid to ask others for help. It is the kindness that we show to other people that will get us farther in life, not using one another.


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