Letter submitted by

Vinod Gupta

UIS Alumnus 

Thanks to The Journal for reporting in the Journal of Nov. 1 , 2017 , news regarding showing of the film ” An Outrage. ” at UIS.

Thanks, also to co-directors Lance Warren and Hannah Ayers as well as to Roslyn Simmons-Lindsay and UIS Diversity Center.

There had been many protests over many decades against lynching. There had, also, been many pleadings to Congress to ban lynching. 

Character is exhibited in a crisis, not made in a crisis. Congress exhibited the bankruptcy of character by never passing a law banning lynching.

In this connection, God has been kind to me to express my gratitude to the person, Martin Luther King Jr. , who did more than anybody else to increase the dignity of blacks, by donating a bird bath in his memory to Washington Park, Springfield, Il.