Letter to the editor by Duane Malany

UIS Observer Staff

In the current election, the SGA Executive Board will go uncontested, leaving the student body with no choice on the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. But I would like to remind the student body that they still have a choice regarding our Student Representative to the Board of Trustees which is this year’s most important position open during the SGA election.

I’m endorsing and asking the student body to support Duane Willingham for Student Trustee on April 13-14. We need a Student Trustee who knows the ins and outs of UIS. Duane has served in leadership roles for Voices in Praise Gospel Choir and The Black Male Collegiate Society, as well serving as a member of the Black Student Union and Christian Student Fellowship. Among those roles, Duane has also worked for UIS Orientation for 3 years—a position that requires extensive knowledge of the UIS campus and its operations. Duane has also lived on campus during his entire academic career here at UIS. Duane’s UIS experience is very much like many of yours, and that’s why we need him as our Student Trustee.

UIS needs a Student Trustee with strong character, devotion to selfless service, and the full understanding of the UIS experience, and I know Duane holds these characteristics.

Vote for Duane Willingham on April 13-14 for Student Trustee!