UIS reaccreditation process enters last year


Photograph courtesy of Savarnik Reddy Mareddy

After nine-years, UIS is now wrapping up the reaccreditation process, certifying its reeducation standards nationally.

Dennis Papini, vice chancellor for academic affairs and provost, said he was positive the process, involves peer-review from other educational institutions, verifying the university is keeping up with agreed standards, was going smoothly

“I am very confident because a lot of people have been working very hard for a long period of time to make sure we represent the UIS as it is,” Papini said.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education Cecelia Cornell, said accreditation makes students more competitive in job hunting or applications for graduate school. “Graduating from an accredited institution is an assurance of quality. This is the external body that represents how you meet their standards,” she said.

She added the process inspires the university to achieve a higher standard and ensures it’s heading in that direction. 

Papini believes there are many areas that UIS could improve upon.

“Perfection is not a realistic goal, but pursuing the perfection is what we are doing. We are continuously improving our effort in each of these areas,” he said.   

Further information about the process is being sent to student’s webmail accounts.

Students can offer their comments in person to the reviewers when they come to campus this February.

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