New SGA Members Elected

New SGA Members Elected

On Sept. 23, the Student Government Association welcomed their newly elected members during the second meeting of the semester.

Jcaob Rayl, the new senator for campus residents,  said, “I hope to represent all students, not just those that live on campus”.   

Andrew Cunningham explained why he ran for SGA. He said, “I ran because I wanted to get involved on campus”. He mentioned that with the Student Union opening soon, he’d like to help create more jobs for students.   

Election results and totals are posted within the Student Life Office, SLB 16, as well as on the SGA website. 

After roll call, SGA Adviser Cynthia Thompson gave the Administrative Report.

Thompson reported that the election was successful, and that 330 students voted. She also mentioned a few goals for SGA and Homecoming week. A plan is in order to have food trucks at the soccer games for the audience to enjoy. 

Officer Reports were then given.

President Garrett Nimmo shared his excitement for the new members of SGA, as well as discussed a few things on his agenda to cover in the coming weeks, such as meeting with Megan Styles, assistant professor for environmental studies, and dealing with the UIS green fee.

Nimmo also mentioned a Make Your Own Spirit event that will be cosponsored with the soccer team.   

Student Trustee, Edwin Robles, talked more about DACA during the meeting.

He suggested having a forum for open dialogue about the issue and inviting representatives of the state of Illinois to speak with students.   

SGA Treasurer, Christopher Vemagiri Marbaniang, informed everyone in attendance that on Oct. 6 an informational meeting will be held to speak more about the Student Organization Funding Association (SOFA).

Selecting a SOFA chair is underway. Currently there are only two candidates.

The video recording of the meeting is available through the ITS Webcasting page.