Prairie Stars on the Move: Kyler Wulff Chairs Scholarship for Delta Kappa Epsilon

Delta Kappa Epsilon, also known as DKE, is the newest fraternity at the University of Illinois Springfield.  With twelve active members, this organization is quickly growing to be one of the larger Greek Life organizations on campus.  Kyler Wulff is the scholarship chair for the Kappa Beta Colony of Delta Kappa Epsilon at UIS. 

Wulff is a senior who is currently majoring in computer science. This is his first semester as an active member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. The scholarship chair is tasked with making sure that the members of the fraternity maintain and improve their academic successes. One of the ways that he does this is by hosting many study tables at Brookens Library for the brothers of DKE. He is also in charge of maintaining contact with DKE National Headquarters and reporting grades and transcripts to the national office. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon is one of the oldest fraternities in America, having been founded in 1844.  Since then, the fraternity has had many notable alumni—including five presidents, four vice presidents, and a sitting Supreme Court justice. The fourth man on the moon, Alan Bean, took a DKE flag with him to space in 1969. Members of Delta Kappa Epsilon strive to be gentlemen, scholars and jolly good fellows. In order to be gentlemen, they must be respectful and humble. Scholarship and pursuit of academic achievement is the goal that Wulff is in charge of maintaining. Being a jolly good fellow simply means that brothers of Delta Kappa Epsilon are cheerful and know how to enjoy themselves and entertain others. 

The Kappa Beta Colony of DKE has only been at Springfield for one semester so far.  Before that, they were an interest group known as Kickback Club.  Kyler’s roommate was heavily involved in Kickback Club, and many of the members would spend time at their shared townhouse.  This close proximity led to close friendships with the members of the club.  When Kickback Club made the transition to become Delta Kappa Epsilon, Wulff thought signing up would be a good way to further those relationships with the other members.  Because of that, he became a member of the fraternity. 

Wulff is very proud of his involvement within the fraternity. He says that it has made him more willing to help his friends and show empathy for the struggles of others.  Participation in events hosted by DKE has made him much more self-confident as well.  These improvements in his life have led him to decide to possibly continue involvement with DKE in the future. Due to his involvement, scholarship continues to be one of the main focuses of Delta Kappa Epsilon at UIS.