I.S.F Celebrates 2018 Valentine’s Day on Campus


Photograph courtesy of Camilla Luo


Many campus and community members gathered on Feb.9th for the Valentine’s Day event, which provided interesting games, homemaking food tasting, and discussion about love languages.
The event was held by International Student Friendship, offered a “home away home” for international students by providing consistent, authentic, and unconditional support.
Joel Scarborough, direct of I.S.F pointed out that it doesn’t matter if they have 15 or 50 people for each activity, since smaller group means more opportunities to know people individually.
A speech about love language by Scarborough was given at the end of the event, to inspire audiences the best way express and understanding love languages, including words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.
“It’s easy to think that we love people when we love them in our love language,” Scarborough said, “however, to them, we could be speaking a totally different language compares to their love languages.”
Candice Park, a UIS student, pointed out that she deeply appreciated for all the help provided by I.S.F, such as teaching her English, giving her a ride when she needed, and talk to her as close friends.
“I.S.F has always been helping and taking care of international students unconditionally,” she said, “they feed us, care about us, and teach us about American traditional event while having fun with us. They let us know that I.S.F is somewhere that we can go when we need support.”
Chinese New year will be celebrated by I.S.F on Feb.17th, where all community members can enjoy traditional Chinese food tasting and learn about Chinese culture. For further information, visit springfieldInternationals.com, or contact Joel (217)361-7327.