SGA was unable to meet quorum

At its last meeting on February 18, the Student Government Association (SGA) attempted to hold its biweekly meeting. However, a few minutes after the meeting’s intended start time, it quickly became clear that they lacked a quorum, the minimum number of voting members required to consider any business.
When questioned on this, the president of SGA, Garrett Nimmo responded, “We had a lot of members that were out of town and caught up in academic projects. All resolutions will be tabled for the next meeting.” The SGA requires ten voting members to be present for a meeting to reach a quorum, at this last meeting they were four members shy of meeting that mark.
While it is unusual for the SGA not to be able to make quorum, it is by no means unheard of. One source said that it has been known to happen on average once or twice a semester.
“This has only happened one other time in the year that I’ve been here,” said SGA secretary, Anna Kanai.
The next SGA meeting will be held on March 4 in the Office of Electronic Media TV Studio at 6:00 p.m. barring unforeseen circumstances.