UIS Offers Study Abroad Opportunity to Africa

Interested in studying abroad but don’t know where to start? UIS’ Public Health Department provides an extraordinary opportunity to study in University of Health and Allied Science (UHAS) in Ho, Ghana from June 4 to July 24 2018.
Josiah Alamu, Associate Professor and Chair of the Public Health Department, and the founder of study abroad programs, indicated that it will be a great opportunity for students to “develop an understanding of the health issues and social determinants of health in a developing country”.
Before the Ghana Experience Program was set up this year, UIS’ Public Health Department has hosted study aboard program to Gambia each year since 2011, except 2015 because of Ebola.
“When I first came to UIS, there was no study abroad program to Africa,” Alamu said. “I started a study abroad program to Gambia in May 2011 with 13 students and 8 professors. In 2017, I took a break and went to Ghana to start this new, unique program.”
Unlike other programs, Ghana trip offers not only cultural experiences, but also the opportunities to participant in one of three projects with scholars and students at UHAS during the summer term. This includes HIV/Hepatitis B among Pregnant Women, Water Quality and Water-borne Diseases, and Hypertension and Diabetes.
“I encourage U.S students to go out and learn about cultures because it changes lives,” Alamu said. “When they come back, they see things with different perspective. A perspective with more peace, respect, and compassion in their heart.”
Dominique Wilsor, a former student of UIS who participated with the Gambia Program, indicated that it was an incredible opportunitie for him to learn about African culture.
“It is important for individuals to have exposure to different parts of world and attain a different perspective knowing themselves and other cultures.” Wilsor said.
For further information, please contact Dr. Josiah Alamu, [email protected]