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Award-winning, student-run, weekly campus newspaper of the University of Illinois, Springfield

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Health is Wealth – How to Stay Rich This Fall

Sometimes the best thing you can do to stay active is get out of your dorm. | Photo: Oliver Sjöström – Pixabay

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, cozy blankets and warm beverages can make

it tempting to stay indoors during the fall and winter months. However, maintaining an active    lifestyle is important for both physical and mental well-being. From Lincoln Memorial Gardens to “Cosmic Bowling” at Strike and Spare – there are several things that you can do in town that can help keep away the winter blues.

Unless you’re an athlete or someone who is very interested in health and fitness, working out kind of stinks. Especially if you go to a public gym where the locker room showers and porcelain thrones make for a hot, steamy combo. Between classes, studying, a social life and other leisure activities, it can be hard to fit in time for a wellness routine. It’s boring to even think about – but can and does make you feel better. A nice and relaxing method of exercise is the practice of yoga where the connection of sound mind and body can provide a challenge to newcomers. With several pathways and a sprawling campus, UIS is also a great place for a bike ride on an autumn afternoon.

The pathways of Lincoln Memorial Garden are beautiful in autumn. (Photo: Enjoy Illinois)

Lincoln Memorial Gardens is a popular off-campus hiking spot near Lake Springfield that is often visited by students and locals. The trails wind around the lake and provide a beautiful and peaceful view of the lake. Hikers often take photos next to the large troll statues along the way. The pathways of Lincoln Memorial Gardens don’t make for strenuous hikes, but it is a good place to stretch your legs and free your mind, which is why I recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors and a place to have quiet time with your own thoughts.

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One underrated activity and cardio workout is laser tag. Places like Bounce Tag (located on Springfield’s West side) and the newest tenant of the White Oaks Mall, Malibu Jacks, offer this black-lit activity while the latter also offers batting cages and cosmic bowling. For a more traditional bowling experience – including delicious crinkle-cut French fries– be sure to visit Springfield favorites Kingpin Lanes and Strike and Spare.

Figure 1 : King Pin Lanes (Photo:
Figure 2 : Strike and Spare West offers cosmic bowling

Another great place to establish productive habits in health and fitness is any of the FitClub locations in Springfield. New members of the long-running health club are given a free fitness assessment and consultation, a one-on-one with a personal trainer and free group fitness classes. Spin classes, yoga and on-site health experts set this health club apart from franchises like Snap Fitness, Planet Fitness, and others which focus on providing just machinery. FitClub is a great place for beginners to get help with creating and accomplishing goals and taking small steps to change their lives in a positive way. A few of the locations even offer 24-hour access which makes FitClub one of the best places in the city to work on physical and mental wellness.

Whether your goal is to be the next walk-on for the Kansas City Chiefs, to start your own yoga practice or just so you don’t have to make a guttural sound while hoisting yourself off of the couch, making an effort to take care of yourself is something that will carry over into your academic, professional, or personal life.

FitClub offers free group exercise classes and one on one training

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