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Leveraging Current Trends and Social Media: How Advertising Agencies Connect with Their Target Audience

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Advertising agencies are constantly seeking innovative ways to reach their target audience, and in today’s digital age, leveraging current trends and social media is very important. More brands are leaning into current trends and online culture, and it’s changed the way that they interact with their customer base.  

Before diving into the world of trends and social media, advertising agencies must first understand their target audience. Thorough market research helps agencies define demographics, interests, and behaviors. With this information, they can try to tailor their advertising strategies to resonate with their audience. 

Agencies can stay in front of the customer base is by employing real-time marketing techniques by capitalizing on current events. Scientists recently went before the Mexican government during a press conference to discuss the mummified remains of what appeared to be beings from another planet. This news is interesting considering the reports of unidentified flying objects from former government officials earlier this year. Wendy’s, who maintains a very humorous twitter presence, posted a photo of the mummified remains with a caption that read, ‘When they pull the last burger out of the freezer…’, a nod to their famous 1980’s message of their, ‘fresh, never frozen beef’. 

Advertising agencies understand the power of viral challenges and hashtags with many encouraging user participations in trending challenges to help brands connect with a wider audience and increase engagement. Beef jerky giant, Slim Jim, often has days where they promise to follow back any twitter/X user that follows their account. They often challenge followers to close their eyes and type, ‘MEAT’ in the comment section.  

Partnering with influencers who align with the brand’s values and target demographic can be incredibly effective. Influencers have the ability to bring trends to life and engage their dedicated followers. On paper, that sounds like a great plan. However, it is all about the delivery. Users of the more popular social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok aren’t generally looking for advertisements and are quick to swipe away from ads without considering the spokesperson in it.  

Wendy’s gained notoriety for its witty, humorous responses to users on Twitter. This strategy not only entertained users but also boosted brand awareness and engagement. Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats takes screenshots of twitter users who compare the cereal to cardboard or in one user’s recent testimonial, ‘like a wicker basket’.  Another brand who took a humerous approach was Nutter Butter who created an online buzz with the tweet, ‘N is for the way you NUT at me’ which sparked thousands of responses. Other cheeky tweets were made for a weeks before a dramatic shift in post content suggested that the author of the viral tweets was removed from their post.
 Advertising agencies have evolved to embrace the power of current trends and social media to connect with their target audience effectively. Understanding the audience, leveraging trends, and mastering social media platforms are essential components of modern advertising strategies. By staying agile and creative in this dynamic landscape, agencies can build strong brand connections and drive success for their clients. 


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