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Journal Bylaws and Code of Conduct 2021 edition


Journal Bylaws edited 02-03-2021


Journal Bylaws and Code of Conduct: Adopted in 2004 with Additions and Revisions in 2009, 2012, 2016, 2021


Mission Statement: The Journal is the editorially independent student newspaper at the University of Illinois, Springfield. Our mission is to publish news and features stories, editorials and opinions relevant to the campus community while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards as outlined in The Journal Code of Conduct and Editorial Board By-laws and Procedures.


Overview: The Journal, like most other college newspapers across the country, is supported by advertising revenue, student fees and other university assistance, but it is editorially independent. The editor-in-chief makes final decisions about content, based on sound journalistic practices, news values, and ethical guidelines, as is the philosophy promoted by the College Media Advisers Association, a national organization. It is a member of the Illinois College Press Association and submits entries each year for the annual ICPA contest, judged by professional journalists and advertising representatives. The Journal is also a member of the Associated Collegiate Press.

The Journal employs 10-15 student workers each semester and two graduate assistants. The Journal welcomes diversity and employs a diverse staff. It upholds university, state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and political affiliation.

About 60 percent of college newspapers fall within Student Affairs in the United States. That is also the case for The Journal, Beyond, The Guide, and The Journal’s online edition at www.uisobserver.com.


(Read The Journal’s entire Bylaws and Code of Conduct by clicking the link above)



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