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Beyond “What scares UIS students?” | Beyond Starbucks

Students of UIS need Starbucks for the weekend to survive their priorities and responsibilities. Academics are difficult each year and since the weather is headed towards a gloomy state, Starbucks in the Student Union is one of the most beneficial stations at UIS. Starbucks has the ability to keep students awake and focused on their studies. The famous coffee franchise also provides healthy breakfast options for people who don’t have time to eat in the morning. Starbucks coffee has a plethora of caffeine to allow people to stay awake and energized and focused as well. People go to Starbucks typically because of the coffee. But also because many people don’t like to be alone. By being present in the coffee shop, regardless of if they socialize with people or not, it can make lonely students feel comfortable or at least less alone – plus, when they spot people socializing and studying it also makes them want to be social and studious. Which gives them the mentality to feel great about studying as well, and they have the ability to feel like they are part of a crowd and doing something similar.


It’s unfair that COVID ruined many advantages previously offered by the UIS campus. For example, Starbucks simply because rumor has it, Starbucks used to be open on the weekend in pre-pandemic times. This would have given those students additional security in terms of coffee, treats and nutritious breakfasts. Students back then had the ability to be happy and take a break from the hectic pace college of life and an complete whether that was homework additional environment to work on weekend assignments, deal with stressful personal situations and other common issues of campus life. College students have so much they have to work on as young upcoming adults, and they experience regular stressful circumstances and situations from their busy schedules. The causes of this often take the form of sacrificing sleep in order to do more and complete more tasks successfully. Drinking coffee is a way to get the energy to cram more hours into the day. Not only does having Starbucks available help UIS students survive their weekend, the coffee shop atmosphere enhances creativity, attentiveness, diligence, and the capability to learn.


Starbucks also hires UIS students to work as employees. Through this opportunity they acquire skills such as fast learning, attentiveness, excellent communication and moving quickly and efficiently. Starbucks being cre-opened on weekends would allow increased flexibility of student employee schedules by giving them a larger number of hours they can work while also balancing those hours more effectively between classes and personal life.

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