‘Snow Globe’ concert brings holiday music from around the world

Hundreds of people gathered on Dec. 1 for the “Snow Globe” music performance, which provided holiday music from Ireland, Canada, China, Greece, and Ukraine.
Chancellor of UIS Susan Koch said she was pleased to “enjoy the concert for the night and celebrate the holiday spirit.”
“Snow Globe” was presented by UIS’s Music Program, which includes the UIS Band and chamber groups. The program also offers student opportunities to investigate musical styles and instruments as well as advance their musical technique.
“It was fantastic,” said Koch. “I enjoy the variety of pieces they played tonight. I am very proud and impressed of the quality of the performance.”
Christina Shao, a traditional Chinese Instrumentalist and a UIS Camerata Scholar, sang in the event and said that she loved the opportunity to be a part of the holiday festivities.
“We stay up several nights to work on our music since we only have 11 days to prepare our piece, but it turns out perfect,” she said.
The UIS Camerata Scholarship provides a renewable $10,000 for four years and is heralded as “one of the largest non-major music scholarship in the country.”
As a student who benefits from Camerata Scholarship, Shao said she will cherish the memory of performing at UIS.
“I am about to graduate this semester which made it my last formal performance at UIS,” Shao said, “I am really appreciate every fabulous musician in Camerata and everything I have learned in UIS Music Program.”
The UIS Music Program welcomes students, faculty staff, and community members, and offers scholarships to students of all majors.