When hate wins



Donald Trump has reached such an unprecedented level of incompetence after his most recent assault on DACA that the idea of him actually being in charge of anything is incomprehensible. 

You can make arguments against various immigration policies. Many processes involved with immigration are inefficient or outdated, and should be changed.

However, you cannot make a reasonable argument against DACA.

DACA recipients cannot have a felony or significant misdemeanor, and must complete high school, get a GED, or serve in the military. 

The only outcome of this program has been to improve the lives of young people and families, whose only intention in this country is to find opportunity and prosperity.

A study by Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Francisca Antman found that DACA reduced the number of undocumented families living in poverty.

Additionally, a study by Nolan Pope found that DACA reduced unemployment, and increased wages among undocumented immigrants. 

These people are attending school, working legally, and contributing to the economy. They are your coworkers, your neighbors, and probably some of your bosses too.

The only explanation for why someone would choose to end such a program is hate.

Hate for the people whom this program serves, and hate for the previous individual to hold office, who ordered this bill. 

Like every other aspect of Trump’s presidency, all this decision has caused is uncertainty and fear among people who already have to live under enormous pressure due to some of the more backwards aspects of our country.

At the very least, this decision shows Trump’s inability to stop obsessing over Barack Obama’s presidency and do something constructive.

More so, it shows that Trump is unable to put objectively positive policies above his own hateful agenda. 

The level of incompetence and hatred shown is just the latest example of how unfit Trump is to be the leader of the free world.

At some point, Republican legislators will have to come to terms with the fact that they have made a mistake, and realize that Trump has got to go.