Top Three Psychological Horror Films for This Halloween


An old looking Victorian styled house | Photo Credit: Jose Maria Cuellar via Creative Commons

As Halloween approaches again this October, if you haven’t already, now is the time to watch psychological horror films. Yes, that is right; for all those looking for movie recommendations, I have viewed and reviewed the top three psychological horror films that you should be watching this Halloween. These movies are some of the best in the category of thought-provoking and psychologically chilling films that will make you think better of leaving the lights off when you are done.

1. A Quiet Place

This film is one that can be particularly enjoyable for those who do not mind a few jump scares. A Quiet Place relies on auditory stimuli to invoke fear in the audience and encourages the audience to focus on each individual scene to understand what is going on. With no clear origin of the threat, and no clear end to it, this film follows a small family and their desperate attempts to navigate through the reality they are being faced with. There are creatures picking humans off one by one, and they hunt by sound. This movie can be found on the Amazon Prime Store or on Google Play.

2. The Conjuring

Depending on your own preference for paranormal movies, this may be a hit or miss. The story follows a married couple as they travel to relieve families and homes of their evil spirits. From exorcisms to possession, the distress of the family they focused on spreads, and the threat of the paranormal events no longer exists in the house alone. This movie can be found on Netflix as well as HBO Max.

3. In the Tall Grass

Written and directed by Vincenzo Natali, this film is based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s 2012 novella “In the Tall Grass.” It is notably less gruesome than its literary counterpart but spares little to none with regard to the psychological fear it instills in the audience. The grass is considered almost sentient and alive. It feels emotion and reacts to those who exist within it. It becomes more confusing as it goes, and as two siblings navigate through it, their journey gets progressively darker with fewer and fewer exits. This movie can be found on Netflix.