Stress and Counseling at UIS


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Recently, the UIS administration sent an email to all students, faculty and staff about the rise in mental health concerns within the student body. Students have been expressing to others that they are feeling weighed down by their workloads and the stress that comes with them. In the email, the UIS Counseling Center stated that many students feel that they are “stretched thin” from the demands that they are facing academically, along with possible outside pressures. They also reported that students are feeling alone and that when they reach out for help, no one is responding.

Loneliness is another problem facing the student body. Although many students are living on campus this semester, there is a sense of loneliness with many events held remotely and classes still online. This has resulted in students staying in their rooms more and not being able to experience the “normal” college life that would be going on if the pandemic never happened.

In order to help these students going through difficult times, the UIS Counseling Center is offering appointments virtually in order to help and accommodate students attempting to reach out. To set up an appointment with the Counseling Center at no extra cost, call (217) 206-7122. On the Counseling Center website’s Resources tab, they demonstrate ways to reduce stress within the environment, as well as how to manage unavoidable stress. The Counseling Center is also asking for faculty to check in with students to see how they are feeling and provide them with the necessary information to find help.