At Least There Is Still Hope for 2021


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The final days of this wretched year are slowly dwindling to an end. After such untimely events seeming to occur on a monthly basis, there comes a sense of relief that it may soon be over. While the clock striking twelve on January 1 does not signal definitive change, it does insinuate the possibility of a fresh start. Some 2020 events have generated the turn of a new leaf, so to speak. If such events are to encourage change in the world, there could be a considerable amount of things to look forward to in the very near future. These events can give anyone just a glimmer of hope for what has yet to come.

            With a 95 percent effective vaccine on its way, the misfortune of COVID-19 may soon come to a decline. As enticing updates on the COVID-19 vaccine continually arise, the news imposes a new sense of optimism. Upon the dreary era of the current pandemic, people have long anticipated an accessible cure. While this awaited dream slowly manifests into reality, many have already come to envision life after the arrival of the vaccine. Though life will not be back to “normal” as it might have been pre-pandemic, the vaccine will provide sanctity in the reservation of an aggressive volume of concern for the virus.

            The results of last month’s presidential election serve as the second sentiment of hope for 2021. After an extremely long year, many looked forward to the final outcome of nationwide votes. People came to celebrate the official win of president-elect Joe Biden after a long-winded process of vote-counting. In light of Biden’s imminent presidency, people have expressed excitement for a possible shift in governing that showcases quality and virtuous leadership. With this in mind, the state of the nation is now open to a world of possibilities, one of which may include a deduction in national student loans. The appointment of Kamala Harris, the first woman of color to be elected vice president, provides reason to rejoice even more.

            One of the last things to hold out hope for in 2021 is a chance to briefly reflect on the sharp pitfalls of 2020 and make a change. Now, it may be safe to say that nothing went as planned for anybody within this year. In this instance, 2021 can serve as the year to progressively make things right, as originally intended. People can make proper adjustments in life that were foregone during the events of the past year, rather than pursuing them vicariously.

            Don’t hold off on hope for next year just yet, as there is still a great chance of light at the end of this year’s tunnel.