Letter to the Editor

Reader stresses concealed carry saves lives

In response to Brittany Henderson’s story, in the Jan. 29 issue of The Journal, titled, UIS adapts to concealed carry law: I was saddened by the small minded focus of your recent cover story on concealed carry. Your entire article spoke only of the response from UIS to this new law. Nowhere did you mention the women saved by right to carry, the night workers saved by right to carry, the elderly saved by right to carry. Your only focus was your little world of college life. When you enter the big world of spouses, family, children, homes, and careers, you will find that you alone are responsible for your safety and security. I think you will look back at your narrow view of insulated college life and see how short sighted you were. I will close with the reminder that your college is a university, not a universe. Time and maturity will expand your view and wisdom on this law far beyond the 300,000 or so carry holders in our state.

Tom Shafer

Springfield, Illinois