Letter to the Editor

SGA Treasurer clarifies position on resolution 43-14

In response Brittany Henderson’s story, in the Jan. 29 issue of The Journal, titled, Campus Senate Finds Value in Student Input: In the discussion at campus senate, I argued for the defeat of resolution 43-14, on the grounds that it would send the message that student input was not valued as strongly as it has in the past. I said that it was important to show the commitment to student input both in the hiring and retention/promotion stages. In the vote held at the most recent campus senate meeting, the senate voted to defeat resolution 43-14, and thus preserve student input in these processes. I believe the vote held on this resolution shows that we as a campus community value student input at all stages of the personnel process, that faculty understand the importance of student input in evaluating faculty, and I would like to make it clear that I believe, as the recent vote on resolution 43-14 shows, that our faculty and the committees on which they serve truly appreciate that students, the primary consumers of the education and scholarship that the faculty generate, have a valuable role in making the decisions that cut to the heart of our time at this university, chiefly those that help to ensure that the education we have access to is of the consistently high quality that draws most of us to the university, and that we have come to appreciate above all else.

Joshua Eastby
Treasurer, Student Government Association