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Keep Calm and Carry On

Everything in the world seems to be coming to a slow halt. Cities are closing, gatherings are being banned and in some areas of the world you are indicted for breaking a nationwide self-quarantine. As of writing this article, the United States has not gotten to the point of a nationwide quarantine nor shutdown, but it has gotten to the point of begging others to stay inside. However, not everyone is following this rule, and even some state officials are ignoring the people’s pleas to push back or cancel certain events. 

Should the coronavirus warrant this concern? Yes. Although taking all living humans in perspective, the amount of people infected versus all those living in the world currently is not much. However, we do not know the full extent of this virus, nor should we treat it as some joke. This is a potentially deadly virus, and everyone should do their job in order to avoid the spread of it. The common reoccurring notion of social distancing can possibly save many lives if done correctly. Although UIS is taking measurements to avoid other people and keep its students safe, that does not mean we should stop there and go out and party for our “extended” spring break. Rather, we should stay at home and minimize outside contact. 

Of course, it is just beating a dead horse in saying that. Yet, there is an even more important message that is not being said: DO NOT PANIC. By panicking we are inflicting fear onto others and making people do stupid things like buy out toilet paper or soap. You don’t need 70 rolls of toilet paper, nor do you need 100 bars of soap. Of course you should stock up, but do not buy more than you need – perhaps only just a little bit more than what you are used to buying. Not only should we be careful about buying what we need and do not need, but we should also be respectful to those being forced to work at a time like this. Understand that workers are just as stressed as you are, and probably do not want to be working at Wal-Mart to have you scream at them for being are out of toilet paper. 

During times like these, all we can do is stick it out and ensure that we are doing everything in our power to stay clean and healthy. We should take a look at ourselves and ask if we really need to exit the house to interact with other people. We should also understand that we should not panic and keep a cool, level head when dealing with this outbreak. It will pass eventually. But in the meantime, keep calm and carry on. 

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