Costume Catastrophe: Has Halloween Become a Holiday for Racists?

A recent incident regarding a UIS employee is discussed through two differing viewpoints on the subject.

Halloween has been regarded as a celebrated and time honored tradition that holds many different meanings for many people. For kids, it’s the time of year to have fun and load up on delicious candy. For teens, it’s the time to party and hang out with friends. For some adults however, it seems to be the time to disguise racism under the ruse of a ‘silly costume.’

Two UIS employees recently sparked outrage over their Halloween costumes, which depicted a woman as U.S. border patrol agent who was arresting her husband, who dressed as an offensive and inaccurate portrayal of what one would assume to be a Mexican immigrant. To put it simply, the issue is the fact that immigrants’ struggles are being mocked by two white people who have an immense amount of privilege that is distinct from their skin color. They also have the privilege to live in a place where they don’t have to escape from violence or unlivable conditions. The foundation of the U.S. was built upon the hard work of a diverse group of immigrants, and yet some laugh at them and deny them any basic human decency or compassion.

It’s unclear as of now the plan that UIS will be taking against the two employees, but hopefully the university will take strong action against the issue and use it as an example to educate those who may consider it an overreaction or may not see the problem entirely.