September 25, 2018 is National Voter Registration Day

Your Vote Determines the Direction of Your Hometown, Illinois and the Nation

Are You Registered?

Much has been made about registering to vote for these upcoming midterm elections.  I am going to assume most of you are registered to vote through your DMV or other government offices.    

Register to Vote

How and Where Will You Vote? 

If you are registered in your home town will you return on election day?  November 6 is a Tuesday.  Can you get away from campus to make a trip to Chicago or Peoria or wherever you come from?

If you are registered in your home town and cannot return on election day what can you do?      This website can answer all of your questions.

1. You can apply for a vote by mail ballot. 

2. You can register to vote with your campus address.

3. You can still go home to vote on early voting days.  Early voting in person lasts from 40 days prior to election day on November 6, 2018 and lasts until the day before the election. 

4. Check on Sunday voting in your hometown. 

5. If you are from out of state check with your state and county about voting by mail. 

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