Residence Life’s Annual Event: WestxCreational


Photograph courtesy of David Wilson

As the semester comes to an end for students on and off campus, there are many social events going on, including some annual events that students look forward to each year. The Residence life, among other campus organizations and clubs, have realized that hosting a few fun social events on campus in the weeks leading up to finals is a fun and easy way for students to take a step back from the stress of their academic lives. While studying is important, it is important for students to take a step back and enjoy themselves. These events allow students to spend time with their friends who they may not see over the three-month summer break due to distance or scheduling.   

One of the annual events held by the University of Illinois Springfield Residence Life is called “Westcreational.” The event was held from 1-3 PM in the Quad, near the front of the Student Union Building. Every year possesses a Western theme, so some of the Residence Assistants were wearing cowboy hats and other fun costumes. At the event there was a bouncy house course for students to venture through. There were also raffle drawings, horse racing, face painting, games, and food served.

As the end of the year approaches, many students on campus are overwhelmed with stress because of the looming finals, writing extensive papers, and getting all of their belongings together to move out after the year has concluded. With all of the duties of being a student, it is refreshing to have events that are designed to help students take a break and remember to enjoy themselves as well.