UIS Registration: What You Need to Know


Photograph courtesy of Sri Darshita Palreddy

As the end of the semester approaches, it may be beneficial for a refresher course in the proper procedure for fall semester registration. As this publication is mostly read by those who are already students at UIS, this will only cover the procedure for current, on-campus, students registering for next semester.

It is recommended that any registration plan begin with a visit to one’s academic advisors. Information on the advisors for specific degrees can be found on the university’s website by selecting the appropriate department. An advisor will help to ensure that students’ academic plans are on track, as well as making sure that they are meeting both the requirements for their degree and that their overall general education requirements. Advisors can also help with petitions and interpreting college policy on various issues.

Once meeting with an advisor, and establishing plans for moving forward, go online to the Records and Registration webpage on the University of Illinois website and click on the Register Now tab. From the tab, it becomes possible to select the term to register for. Once the term has been selected, the next page will include specific instructions for individual student’s situation. Prior to registration, students need both their NetID and password ready, and one requires a time ticket. A time ticket shows the earliest point at which students can register online for the next semester. Tickets are automatically assigned, and may be viewed by students under the Registration Eligibility tab. Students can register at any point after the time they are assigned.

After the time specified by the time ticket, students should click on the link near the bottom of the page that says “Click here to REGISTER.” This will take them to the Enterprise Applications page where they should select the “Student & Faculty Self-Service” link, followed by the link for UIS. They will then have to log in with their NetID and password. Once logged in, they should select the “Registration & Records” link, this will direct to a page where students can access their records and transcripts, the campus course catalog, the campus course schedule, and a tab leading to the next step in registration. It is recommended that students examine the course schedule before registering, even if classes have already been selected, as this will help ensure that no classes conflict with one another in terms of scheduling, and one can find the course reference numbers that are required in the next step.

After clicking the Registration tab on the Registration & Records page, one will be taken to the Registration page, if one possesses the course reference numbers (CRNs) for the classes they are interested in, click the link labelled Add/Drop Classes. From here, it will be required to agree to the registration agreement, then select the appropriate term for registration. After this, enter the course reference numbers for selected classes, and click on the Submit Changes button. Just like that, you’re registered.

Any questions on registration should be directed to UIS Registration, which can be reached through email or phone at [email protected] and (217) 206-6174 respectively.