Greenhouse Academy: A New Show from Netflix


Within the past several years, streaming sites such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have started creating a higher demand for their product by creating television shows and movies that are only available through their services. It was a brilliant move for these companies to make because it raises the demand to stay up-to-date with what everyone else around you is talking about. For instance, Netflix has come out with a few really popular shows such as ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, and ‘Stranger Things’. All three of these shows have become major topics of conversation with many young adults. Another Netflix original television series that has recently come out with its second season on February 14, 2018 is called ‘Greenhouse Academy’.
The pilot episode of the first season of ‘Greenhouse Academy’ started with a scene featuring two teenage children, their friends, and their father watching television and celebrating their mother, who was about to be launched into space. As they cheered and counted down to take-off with the man on the screen, the spacecraft started making a loud roaring sound and there was a buildup of smoke underneath it. After the countdown was finished, the spacecraft took off into the air. It seemed to go smoothly until the spacecraft exploded out of nowhere. That was only the beginning for these teenagers, though.
Eight months after the terrible accident, the main storyline of ‘Greenhouse Academy’ begins. The astronaut’s kids, Hayley and Alex, get accepted into a prestigious private high school. The high school is split into teams, one team focused on athletics and the other team focused on academics. The kids are put on to seperate teams upon their arrival, even though they are really close. What happens from this point is a show filled with excitement, drama, romance, and a lot of secrets.
In conclusion, this television show was a dramatic show that had a secret mystery involved in it. It had a lot of great themes, such as understanding the benefits of teamwork and acknowledging individual strengths. The viewer watches the teenagers at the Greenhouse Academy grow and bond with one another. I would recommend this show to all audiences except young children because there are a few sexual moments in the series. Some people would say that this show is similar to any teenage-drama series, but other people would argue that sometimes, predictable plots are quite enjoyable and easy to watch as you sit and do homework or write an essay