Profile: College of Republicans

Profile: College of Republicans

The chapter of the College of Republicans is a club on the UIS campus that supports and advocates for the Republican ideals and candidates on both the campus and office levels. They strive to advocate for a government that works for and empowers liberty, as well as the personal empowerment to be successful in a free government.

They are now under new leadership. Jessie Johnson, senior, and political science major is the new president. He was appointed to the position spring 2017.    

Since their very start, they have gotten more and more involved throughout the years.

Along with being advocates to local political candidates, they also help with their campaigns by going door to door, informing residents of the candidates, attending events, and doing whatever necessary to support them and their cause.    

When they aren’t assisting with government officials or elections, on campus, the College of Republicans host their own events to raise awareness and educate students about politics.

They invite candidates for elections and even government officials to the meetings, such as State Representative, Tim Butler, or even the Governor, Bruce Rauner.

Vice President, Kaelen Smith, junior, political science, and economics major stated, “We do this to encourage them [students] to get involved. Show them what careers they can make with campaigns or official positions”.   

The Treasurer, Ben Szalinski, freshman and political science major, believes that the College of Republicans would be an excellent way to get involved with the aspects of political science before entering your major. 

Szalinski stated, “I think College of Republicans is a great way for freshman to get in involved. We don’t take classes in our major yet. College of Republicans can help us see if Springfield is the right location for our Political Science major. To see it can help with an internships class.” 

Regardless of anyone’s stance in the political party, they strive to enlighten students and the community.

Smith mentioned, “We always think about what we can be doing better. To advocate, recruit, and educate the students on campus in general.”   

The College of Republicans hold their meetings often in the Public Affairs Center (PAC). The meetings are strictly for students, whether they believe to be Independent, Republican, and/or even an individual that has opposing views.

The College of Republicans simply ask that even if you are for or against their cause, respect their right to meet in their space.

For the dates and location of their meetings, students can contact the College of Republicans through Kaelen Smith at his university email address: [email protected]