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Why I joined the Forensics Team

I decided to join the forensics speech team because of the skills I could enhance and learn.  When I  think about joining different clubs or organizations I always think, what can I learn from this organization or club?  Also, how can I use the skills which I have acquired and transfer them to other aspects of life?

I have competed in the Limited Prep events which consist of an Impromptu seven-minute speech written from a quotation or word given at the event. The limited event was fun and scary, because I did not know which quote or word I would be given, this event helped me to think on my feet. I have also competed in the Poetry event, where I did an Interpretation of poetry which was prepared ahead of time. In the poetry event, I did four pieces by different authors and made it by own by adding a song to the piece as well.

When I did my first tournament, I was nervous and my name was second but the person who was supposed to go ahead of me did not arrive on time.  I ended up going first and I asked my coach, Eric, to record me so that I could improve for my next tournament. By participating in these events, I am able to gain more confidence in my public speaking and that is a very valuable skill to enhance. There are many events which I would like to participate in next year such as Extemporaneous, in which I can select a topic on current national and international events and give a speech. I would absolutely recommend students to join the Forensics Team, because you can gain or enhance your public speaking skills.  You will also be able to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself which is always fun!

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