The Left Versus Right Brain of The Real World


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The left versus the right brain – math versus the arts. It has been the age-old battle of wits pitting science and art of the world against each other. When I say art, I mean more than just pen to paper or paint to a canvas. I also mean the architects that design twisting metal in the cities, the historians understanding the past and those that create music to enjoy. They are all important aspects of our society, whether for business or understanding our world. However, it seems as if they aren’t so important to many people.

            Education always appears to have a special interest in STEM. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics –  all parts of an attempt to get more people interested in growing research, advancing civilization, reaching for the stars, or understanding the biology of our world today. These are important elements of life that we should cherish and understand. However, STEM education should not take away from other education that enriches the lives of our society. Time and time again, I have read in the news of art classes being taken away, music time thrown out the door and the elimination of many other art and social ideas in order to either benefit STEM education or fund sports. I have heard from thousands of people across the world through the Internet, opinion articles and forums stating that art and social art is “easy” and that we do not need to learn about these useless ideas.

            But where would we be as a culture, as a society, without these arts? Who would document our ancestors, the forgotten histories that we shame or celebrate? Who would design buildings that we stare up at in awe? There would be no one to give us the room to discuss culture or to learn about our culture if we only put our time and effort into STEM education and sports. We would only have a husk of a society, hellbent on technology without caring about the personal self — and maybe sports.

We should encourage students to follow their dreams in order to sustain society on the cultural arts and reflections of the past they can give us. As art can make us feel more human – after all, learning of our past humanity can allow us to avoid the mistake of future atrocities. Make no mistake, STEM education is just as important as any other education. But it should not be at the expense of studying what makes us human.