Beyond Spring 2022: Renewal


Chalk writing on the street near the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis. “Together we will change the world.” | Photo Credit: Photo by Priscilla Gyamfi on Unsplash

The special time has come yet again. While we take steps toward greater strides, The Observer continues to stay true to our cherished tradition of the Beyond. A once-a-semester tradition, the Beyond highlights an umbrella-like theme, primarily concerning popular topics of contemporary life. This semester’s Beyond covers a centralized theme that, we believe, exemplifies our movement as a society: Renewal.

After two years of continual trials and tribulations, it comes as no surprise that change is constantly afoot. Considering societal aspects on personal and macro levels, this semester’s issue of the Beyond takes a moment to briefly reflect and visualize our paths moving forward. We are proud to present our contributors’ hard work as they have taken on several interpretations of the theme.

We know that change can be both exciting and scary, but we hope you will explore with us as we look towards the change ever-present in our everyday. Change is one of the few constants throughout history, and today from tumultuous foreign wars to domestic issues at home, change is ever-present among us. So, we hope you can come along with us on a journey of Renewal as we embrace this new world, we all are living in. Together we can embrace the change whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly, and look towards tomorrow and Beyond.