Letter to the Editor

UIS Observer Staff

Dear UIS students, staff and faculty,

It is very hard for me to write this letter bidding you all farewell because I have thoroughly enjoyed being here as a Nurse Practitioner to help care for your health for 12.5 years.

I am torn about leaving UIS. I have laughed, cried and had lots of fun in this position.  College Health never has a dull moment!   I have to say, I have met many intelligent and compassionate students who will make the workforce a more enriched place to be.

You all have bright futures before you, and I thank many of you for trusting me over the years to care for you in times of illness and in health.  I learn just as much from you, as you do from myself, about your conditions or health in general.

I wish you all the best in the years to come and please promise me to make your health a priority in your lives!

Staff and faculty, I will miss many of your smiling faces as well! I always appreciate your trust in my judgment on health related issues.  And I never minded the “curb-side” consult!

I have always been humbled by those who have asked me for ideas on how we can make UIS a healthier place to be.   I hope you all can take ownership in your own health and jump on board when the Wellness Committee asks for your involvement.  Be a change agent in your own office or building to improve our culture of health on campus.

I am leaving UIS for many reasons, and some of those reasons are beyond my control.  I will be caring for patients in the Springfield community in the near future.  Best wishes to you all!

Yours in health,

Jill Stoops APN/FNP-BC