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Get to know SGA members, their plans for UIS and students

Returning 2012 Student Government Association (SGA) members, Ryan Bouray, Aaron Mulvey, and John Tienken discussed plans and goals for the upcoming 2012-13 academic year.

President Ryan Bouray is a senior at UIS majoring in accounting, with a minor in economics. As SGA president, Bouray’s role is to act as a facilitator, including assigning SGA members to committees, organizing meeting agendas, as well as other administrative tasks. Bouray said that it is also his job to help guide students, and act as their “sounding board” for any questions they may have.

“The overall goal of the organization is to be a representative for all students. I think that, that is what we should always be focusing on,” said Bouray. “As well as having a broad vision of how we want to see the campus and move it forward.”

As part of his duties, Bouray serves as an ex officio member of all campus committees, as well as an active member of the Campus Senate, the Tuition and Fees Committee and the Student Fees Committee.

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In recent academic years the SGA has worked with the UIS Task Force on the possibility of bringing an off campus food vendor to the UIS campus. During the 2011-12 academic year, the Task Force inquired about student opinions on the issue, and will be analyzing the data this academic year.

The possibility of an off campus food vendor coincides with the established Student Union proposal. Bouray said that the SGA is going to be keeping “constant focus” on these two issues in the upcoming months.

A new project for the 2012-13 academic year is the SGA’s Ideas Campaign, which will run through an online forum on the SGA website. This campaign is looking to work with students to get their ideas, questions, comments and concerns addressed.

Bouray explained that the thought behind the Ideas Campaign is to focus on the positive aspects of student life, with the understanding that students do come across problems.

“Yes, overall UIS is great, but tell us your problems,” said Bouray.

Aside from SGA, Bouray plays on the UIS Club Squash Team and is currently completing an internship at an insurance agency in their accounting department.

Secretary Aaron Mulvey is a junior at UIS majoring in communications with a minor in political science. As the Secretary Mulvey’s role is to take the minutes of SGA meetings as well as serve on SGA committees, which include the Student Union Committee, the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, the Housing Committee, SAC ex officio member, and the SGA E-Board.

“I believe at the end of the day, SGA is here to represent the students. We are elected officials, by the students, to get their voices heard… and that is what we try to do,” said Mulvey.

Much like Bouray, Mulvey said that one of the major goals of SGA this academic year is to work on open communication between the organization and the students. As part of this plan, Mulvey is working to get a suggestion board in Brookens Library. Last year, Mulvey organized a similar board which allowed students to walk up to a white board and write their opinions – he said that this year’s board would likely be similar. Additionally, the SGA is working with the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee on a possible UIS mascot change.

Mulvey works for the Hoogland Center for the Arts and enjoys filming and acting in his spare time.

Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, John Tienken is a senior majoring in political science with a minor in English. As the Student Representative, Tienken’s role is to act as an advocate and bring student concerns to the Board of Trustees. This also entails participating in SGA discussion and helping to draft resolutions.

“I was appointed by Governor Quinn with a binding vote,” said Tienken. “So I am humbled by the responsibility the vote carries and I vote each meeting representing all students of the three campuses of the U of I.”

Currently, Tienken is working on the proposal for a Student Union, as well as working to improve the communication between UIS and the entire community of Springfield. Additionally, he is working to increase opportunities for undergraduate research on campus.

Outside of SGA, Tienken plays on the UIS Club Squash Team and is involved in the Cuban-American Relations club. He hopes to study abroad in England or attend Law School after UIS.

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